Tips to Follow to Prevent Formation of Algae in Water Tanks

There are few better options than water tanks for proper storage and distribution of water. The tanks are generally made of polyethylene or metal, which offers contamination-free water every time. However, a property owner should not forget to take good care of the tanks to protect them from bacteria.

Problems of Algae Infestation:

Direct exposure to the sun and rain may cause the formation of algae and moss inside a tank. Algae are bacteria that contain various toxic substances. They are harmful to human beings and animals. The toxins in algae can contaminate the stored water in the tank.

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How to Prevent Algae Formation in Water Tanks?

To prevent algae infestation in water, one should invest in a quality water tank in Kenya. One should also follow some precautionary steps to keep the tank clean. These steps are discussed in detail in this blog.

Store Water in Opaque Tanks:

Algae multiplies due to photosynthesis. So it is very important to block the penetration of sunlight inside the water tank. One should ensure to buy completely opaque tanks, as these do not allow light penetration. It will provide relief to the user by regularly cleaning the inner surface of the tank.

Filter Water in Multiple Stages:

This is a solution for those with a large water tank that is impossible to clean manually. A multi-stage filtration system, especially with UV, is a better choice. This system can keep the water clean and prevent algae contamination.

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Chlorine Treatment:

Chlorine is a beneficial substance that can kill and prevent the growth of algae. One should treat their tank water with a little portion of chlorine: 4 parts chlorine to 1 million parts of water. However, an imbalanced proportion would prove fatal for both consumption and usage of the stored water.

Regular Inspection:

The extent of algae growth in water tanks can be determined through some simple steps. To perform this, one should open the water tank in the presence of enough sunlight. They need to open the lid of the tank and peek inside. If the user observes a glowing reflection of sunlight, they can be sure of algae infestation in the water. One should then pay attention to cleaning the tank promptly.

Preventing algae growth is important for ensuring healthy, uncontaminated water distribution. To check the growth of algae, it is important to purchase quality water tanks in Kenya. One can contact Jumbo Quality Products Limited. They can provide different types of water tanks for residential and commercial usage.