Importance of Having the Best Water Tanks

Having a water tank in every house is a necessity and has become compulsory nowadays. Harvesting rainwater is an efficient technique of storing the rainwater and using the same for future purposes. Thus, installing a water tank is not only good for you but also good for the overall environment. With environmental sustainability at the back of the mind, homeowners are now buying durable water

What Are the Causes for Above Ground Storage Tank Leaks?

Buying durable, double-layered storage tanks ensures that your storage tanks do not  encounter any leaking or spilling problems. Buy from a reputable company and be assured of a high-quality tank. Above ground storage tanks are a common sight nowadays. Whether in commercial or domestic property, these tanks are used effectively for water storage as they are durable and can be used for many years .

Some Vital Points To Consider When Buying Water Tanks In Kenya

People in Kenya can choose from numerous water tanks manufacturers providing premium quality tanks at affordable prices. As a homeowner, you should choose something which can last for years with minimal maintenance. The objective is to invest in the right product made using high-quality materials. Most of the renowned water tank manufacturers use their technical expertise and modern methodologies so you can install the tank

3 Reasons To Choose Plastic Water Tanks Instead of Steel Tanks

Gone are the days when steel tanks were considered to be the ideal product for water storage. Corrosion is one of the most common issues you have to deal with if you install them in your residential or commercial property. They have numerous other limitations as they are at the mercy of various elements. As the demand for steel tanks reduced, plastic tanks gained popularity.

Debunk The Myths About Water Storage Before Buying Water Tanks

Storing water is more complicated than storing food, so make sure you choose the right water storage tank. With numerous suppliers scattered all over Kenya, choosing one often becomes a challenge for homeowners. Look for one with years of experience in the industry, like Jumbo Quality Products Limited. They offer a wide variety of tanks in different shapes and sizes. Choosing the right tank might

Take Care Of Your Water Tank With 3 Maintenance Tips

The lifespan of a water tank depends on where you have installed it. If you have installed one underground, you can expect it to last a long time. Generally, the expected lifespan of a typical water tank is 20 years. Some might last a few more decades if you follow proper maintenance procedures. You should also choose a reputable manufacturer of water tanks as they

Time To Buy Plastic Tanks For Rainwater Storage In Kenya

With water shortage becoming an acute problem, the demand for water storage tanks is gradually rising. The population is also continuously rising, which is making the issue more critical. Three common causes of water supply crunch are unclear laws, poor water management and industrial waste. There is also a lot of pollution in Kenya, which is making water unsafe for consumption. Climate change can exaggerate

3 Differences Between Above Ground And Underground Water Tanks

Tanks are used all over Kenya to store petrol, diesel, gases, chemical and flammable items for various business purposes. One of the common uses of tanks installed in residential properties is storing water. Consider your water storage needs, and it will become easier to choose the right material for your tank. Since bad quality tanks can compromise the safety of others on site, choose a

3 Benefits Of Using Customized Roto-Moulded Products

If you are looking for quality water tanks for your home or office, look for a reputable company manufacturing, distributing and selling top quality rotationally moulded water tanks. These tanks are customized using the latest technology depending on individual requirements and budget. Reputable tank suppliers in Kenya have a team of experienced designers manufacturing products in an environmentally friendly manner. Customized roto-moulded products are more