Why Will You Install POA Septic Tanks In Your Home In Kenya?

Are you looking for the best quality septic tanks for your home in Kenya? Most homes in East Africa use septic tanks for wastewater treatment. If you want to buy a long-lasting and reliable tank, the POA septic tanks in Kenya are the right choice.

Septic Tanks Kenya

The General Features Of POA Septic Tanks

  1. The POA septic tanks have a double layer, a 10-year warranty, and experience of 10+ years of lifespan.
  2. The longevity of these tanks provides complete peace of mind to the users.
  3. These tanks are UV stabilised, making them too resistant for withstanding extreme weather conditions.
  4. They are best for water storage. They are made with food-grade polyethylene. They are non-toxic in nature, non-absorbent in nature, and resistant.
  5. POA tanks are made in double layers rather than single layers, which makes them highly durable compared to the other varieties.
  6. POA tanks are made with Rotational Moulding Technology, one of the best manufacturing options for creating different design opportunities.
  7. They are safer and more hygienic than cement tanks. POA is a special type of plastic that is best for storing water and will not contaminate the surrounding soil.
  8. They need very simple maintenance. These water storage tanks are designed for regular, smooth upkeep.
  9. These tanks are best for saving money in the long run. Once you buy a good-quality jumbo septic tank made with POA material can last longer as it needs less replacement and repairs.

How To Buy A POA Septic Tank?

If you plan to buy a POA tank for your home, here are simple steps.

  1. First, contact the local POA tank distributor. Several POA tank distributors or suppliers provide the best quality tanks at affordable prices.
  2. Then get a quote. You can compare the prices from various suppliers to see how the POA tanks compare. Remember to consider the quality and durability before buying the tank.
  3. Consult with a registered installer—you need to contact a reliable and trusted installer who will install the septic tank in the area you need.

The POA septic tanks provide homeowners with a strong and affordable solution for wastewater treatment. With UV resistance, hygienic material, and a double-layer build, they provide complete peace of mind. At Jumbo Quality, you will find a wide range of POA septic tanks suitable for East African weather. Contact us to learn more about the products.