POA TANKS are manufactured to the highest standards utilizing advanced technology and production procedures. The life span of Polyethylene Water Storage tanks is expected to be over 30 years if correct site preparation, installation and preservation is carried out. All rainwater storage tanks are low maintenance and not no maintenance. An appropriate maintenance programme should be developed in line with your local environment and cleaning of gutters and inspection of the tank and pipe work should be performed regularly. The POATANK Limited Warranty consists of repair or replacement of the defective product. Jumbo Quality Products Limited (herein referred to as JQPL) warrants to the original purchaser that this product is free from defects caused by poor workmanship or faulty material.

Terms & Conditions

Your POATANK above-ground water storage tank/Loft tank is warranted for a period of Ten (10) years beginning from the date of purchase, subject to the following exceptions: This warranty will not apply where:

  • The Tank has not been used for the purpose of which it has been designed, namely storing water.
  • The Tank is damaged on site or during any movement or relocation.
  • The Tank has been altered or repaired without the prior knowledge and consent of JQPL.
  • The Tank was not installed, used and maintained according to the Installation and Plumbing guidelines stated and in accordance with best practices generally accepted within the industry.
  • Notice of defect has not been made in writing within seven (7) days of its occurring, and where manufacturer has not been given the opportunity to inspect the tank within 30 days of such notification.
  • Invoice has not been paid.
  • The claimant fails to provide a valid document of proof of purchase (Invoice or cash sale).
  • This warranty is only applicable for Black Tanks only The warranty does not apply to colored Tanks & customized products.

This Warranty is neither assignable nor transferable and does not cover:

  • Any transport and insurance costs.
  • Any loss, damage or defect arising from normal wear & tear; accident; misuse; abuse; neglect; failure to follow instructions and guidelines for installation and use; acts of war; acts of God and any other damage arising as a result of any modifications, unauthorized repairs or alterations made to the tank.
  • Any consequential, indirect or special damages or losses which arise from interrupted operations, failure of the product or its installation, or other causes.

By accepting delivery of the product, the owner and/or user waives any claims against JQPL for any consequential losses including plumbing costs, loss of stored water, livestock, and injury of persons or damage to property.

Unless authorized by JQPL, all repairs and/or replacements shall be carried out by JQPL, or its authorized agent, and will be effected at such place JQPL may specify. Before any warranty claim will be met, JQPL must be given a reasonable opportunity at its discretion to inspect the tank and, if deemed necessary have an independent engineering or other expert analysis of the cause of failure carried out. JQPL’s decision on the evaluation of the defected product will be final. In the event the purchaser has cause to rely upon this warranty, Jumbo Quality Products Ltd will at its discretion either have the tank repaired by one of our personnel or by an authorized repairer, or replace the Tank. The Limited warranty described herein is the sole, final and exclusive statement of the terms and conditions of the warranty. Do not rely on any oral statements or representations.

Proper care taken during installation will greatly benefit the lifespan of the tank and your on-going satisfaction in our product. We highly recommend that you engage a professional for installation. Improper tank installation will void your warranty.