poa tank slider READ MORE poa tank slider poa tank slider poa tank slider poa tank slider Cylindrical Water Storage Tanks ranging in the price and capacity that works best for you! Outdoor pit latrines, flowerpots and other products that utilize the same manufacturing quality and technology as the tanks.

Quality & Durability

Attractive Design, Flawless, Durable & Long-lasting. Manufactured with food grade polyethylene using the latest technology.

Free Delivery

Our convenient door to door delivery service takes the stress out of last minute deadlines. We offer free quick delivery expedited by an in-house fleet of over 120 trucks.

Our Promise

Our above ground water storage Cylindrical and Loft Tanks come with a 10 Year Limited warranty.

Value for Money

We offer competitive prices (and warranty on selected water tanks), giving our customers peace of mind.

Kenyan Owned

We’re proud to say that we are a 100% Kenyan owned company. Build Kenya - Buy Kenyan

We invite you to enjoy freedom and abundance...all you need is a reliable water storage solution!

Our Approach



Our Services

We go the extra mile to ensure that you have a pleasant experience with us by providing the following additional services:

Customized Products

Based on Individual requirements.


For your convenience

Installation Guide

For our Customer's Knowledge

We provide innovative and unique solutions

for all your water storage needs