Factors that Play an Important Role in Determining Water Tank Prices

Water tanks are a vital piece of equipment for every household. A tank ensures storage and a smooth supply of water on every floor. Along with having different physical advantages, a water tank is an economically viable option too. It is a one-time investment that can serve a user for decades.

Analysing the Cost of Water Tanks:

When it comes to the cost of water tanks, there are various factors that should be considered. The final selling price is determined by different aspects, including the quality of manufacturing material and the process used to produce a unit.

Important Factors Controlling the Price of Water Tanks:

In this blog, one can learn more about the important factors that control water tank prices in Kenya.

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Quality of Material:

The quality of the end product is a primary factor determining the final marked price of a tank. The manufacturers add different features while producing a tank. These include the thickness of the tank surface (both external and internal), reinforcement designs, inner coatings, and linings. These are modified characteristics that affect the input costs, which reflect the quality and price of the assembled product.

The shape of the Tank:

Traditional water tanks are generally cylindrical. However, manufacturers now use different types of manufacturing processes, which render it common to find conical or cube-shaped polyethylene tanks. These are generally customised for large-scale commercial usage. The shape changes the standard features and usage of a tank. These ultimately decide the final price of the end product.

Warranties and Additional Costs:

Sometimes, water tank manufacturers provide a warranty ontheir water tanks. This cost is generally included in the final retail price. If the buyer thinks the water tank is a bit costly, they should ask for the cost details of the selling price. Cheaper poly tanks generally do not come with an additional warranty.

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Market Supply and Demand:

This is a decisive factor in determining the final price of the tank. The retailers will scan the demand for water in a locality and determine the selling price. This sometimes plays a huge role in the increment or depreciation of the final cost. If the manufacturer sells the tank directly to the consumer, the price will be significantly lower.

These are the primary factors that determine water tank prices in Kenya. To get top-grade water tanks for all-purpose use, one can come to Jumbo Quality Products Limited. They provide a wide variety of tanks that can accommodate residential and commercial usage.