How to Choose the Best Plastic Water Tank in Kenya?

The need for water tanks is irreplaceable in both commercial and residential spaces. The usage of plastic water tanks is getting popular nowadays. You will come across different types of plastic water tanks in Kenya that are being used per the customers’ capacity and needs. However, if you’re thinking of buying a plastic water tank, then you must keep a few points in mind before buying one. You’ll come across companies that supply some of the best water tanks in Kenya.

Consider these points before buying water tanks in Kenya. Keeping these points in mind will help you select the right plastic water tank that will surely match your requirements.

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5 essential points to consider before buying plastic water tanks

Place of installation

The first and foremost thing that you must consider before buying a plastic water tank is the place of installation. For instance, if you need a water tank for the rooftop area, then a plastic water tank is a good option; however, the same is not advisable in the case of underground water storage tanks. Hence, be sure of the installation place before you decide to purchase one.

The volume of the tank

The size of the plastic water tank must also be taken into consideration before buying. For example, in commercial spaces, the number of heads consuming the water will be higher than that of residential premises. Plastic water tanks are available in different volumes and sizes. You must calculate the consumption and make the purchase accordingly.

Purpose of using the tank

Water storage tanks can be bought for different purposes. Plastic water tanks are suitable for drinking and construction project purposes. Make sure that you are clear about the purpose before buying the tank. If you are considering using the water for harvesting, gardening, or cleaning purposes, then investment in a plastic tank is not worth the value.

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Installation time taken

Ending on the size of the water tank, the installation time is required. If you opt for a large volume plastic water tank, you will need time to complete the installation process. Choose the size and the type accordingly.

Maintenance needs

Before buying a plastic water tank, ensure you understand the maintenance process properly. Regular inspection of the tank is necessary to ensure that there are no cracks and leaks on the surface. Moreover, you need to get the tank cleaned to remove algae formation within the same. It is a must that you clean the plastic water storage tank at regular intervals with bleach and chlorine solutions as well.

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