Why Should You Use Water Tanks For Rainwater Harvesting

Though 70% of the earth’s surface is covered with water, it is one of the few precious natural resources which is gradually depleting. No wonder, the importance of rainwater harvesting is also increasing. For someone not aware of the term, it is a technique through which rainwater is collected and stored in a sub-surface aquifer or storage tanks. The objective is to use rainwater for various purposes before it is lost as surface run-off.


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Why Should You Harvest Rainwater?

Rainwater is a common source of water available in its purest form. It is a very vital source of freshwater necessary for human survival and supports other forms of life on our planet. You can use rainwater harvesting to fulfil your needs for freshwater generally used for consumption, washing or other activities. There are numerous videos available online to enhance your knowledge about the rainwater harvesting technique.

Know More About The System

If you want to make the most of rainwater harvesting, enhancing your knowledge about the system is a must. Generally, it comprises of all the surface area used for collecting rainwater like gutters and roofs, pipes, accessories like rainwater diverters and a storage area like water tanks. If you want to use the water you are collecting for cooking or drinking purpose, it is your responsibility to maintain every part of the harvesting system.

Every material coming in contact with water should be safe for use. Your water tank manufacturer might even advise you to install proper filtration systems which will not only help in removing impurities from the rainwater you have collected but also neutralise harmful parasites and bacteria.


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Some Benefits Offered By Rainwater Harvesting

Harvesting rainwater in water tanks is gradually gaining popularity as they offer numerous benefits. If you will maintain the system, you can get an uninterrupted supply of freshwater whenever you need.

Even if you don’t want to drink the water, you can use it to flush toilets, water gardens, wash clothes, wash cars and top up swimming pools. Rainwater is a very common source of water in the rural sector and is widely used by farmers for agricultural purposes. You can also use it for various purposes in the urban sector when water sources become scarce during the hot months.

Benefits Of Harvesting  Rainwater In Water Tanks

  • Rainwater Is A Free Source Of Water

Though you can use the main water supply instead of rainwater in your harvesting system, you don’t have to waste your money when using the latter. Not only will it help in reducing your bills but it might also become a solution for those living in rural areas.

  • Self-Sufficiency

If you want to reduce your dependency on the main water supply, choose rainwater and you can collect your own water. It is self-sufficient and you can top-up your water tanks in Kenya every time it rains. You can exercise more flexibility and freedom to use the water you have collected in the tanks.

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