Know Why Black Water Storage Tanks Are More Popular Than White Tanks

The demand for high-quality water storage tanks is always high as you can use the water you are storing for potable or utility purposes. If you want to stay away from compatible issues, make sure you choose a reputable tank manufacturer in Kenya. People look for long-term storage if they live somewhere with a sufficient supply of clean and clear water from deep wells or public utility.

The water is later used during sudden power-cuts for boiling or toilet flushing. Sometimes, it is also used as run-off water for irrigation. If you live in an arid area, it is your responsibility to install a tank, conserve the water and use it wisely. Your focus should primarily be on safe storage of water.

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What Do You Mean By Safe Water Storage?

If you are planning to install a water tank where you can store water, your focus should be on safety. You should prevent the growth of algae and microbes in the container in which you are storing water. Being light-sensitive, algae and bacteria’s growth rate can increase drastically if the water in the container is exposed to light for a prolonged period.

As a homeowner, it is your responsibility to choose plastic tanks which will prevent the sunrays from reaching the water inside the tank. You can prevent major water containment by installing high-quality tanks. It is one of the primary reasons why homeowners prefer black water tanks. They can block a major portion of the light from entering the container.

Few More Reasons To Choose Black Water Storage Tanks Instead Of White


Prevent Plastic Degradation

It is not only about keeping the water in the container protected from the negative impact of sunlight; you should pay high importance to the quality of plastic used to make them. You can trust Jumbo Quality Products Limited for long-term water storage needs. You can assure the quality and safety of the plastic used. They ensure that the materials used to make black tanks are UV stabilized. It helps in preventing long-term degradation and yellowing. You don’t have to worry about the plastic quality even if the container is exposed to sun-term sunlight in sub-tropical regions.


If you don’t want the taste of the material used to make the tank to impart the water, it is advisable to use black tanks instead of the white ones. You don’t have to worry about the long term off-gassing effects of plastic. Off-gassing becomes more common when the water you are storing in the container has traces of minerals and other contaminants.

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Get Easy Access To Warm Water

There are some people who install tanks so that they can use the water stored in it for a shower, washing clothes or bathing. If you are one of them, expose black tanks to sunlight and it will help a great deal in reducing energy consumption. Even if the water is not hot, it will be warm enough to ensure your comfort when you are drinking it. You can even use them in applications which require warm water instead of hot water. You can use it as a continual reminder to save energy as a habitual practice.


Plastic water storage tanks are often colored black to hide other additives which can compromise the plastic quality by making it less strong, porous or beneficial. Black has relative neutrality so it can fit well with various décor colours. You can keep your property’s value optimal with beautiful black water tanks as they are quite essential instead of being a convenient option.

Since there are so many benefits of choosing black water storage tanks instead of the white variety, it’s time you get in touch with  us as the most reputable tank manufacturers.


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