Know The Common Causes Of Water Shortage In Kenya

Water shortage has become a critical problem in Kenya, with a large population spending a major portion of their day fetching water from the nearest fresh water source. An easy way to deal with the crisis is by knowing the common causes of water shortage. Water scarcity can occur due to human or natural causes. Though water scarcity is a global issue nowadays, it is more critical. The population is growing very fast, and the water demand has also increased .

Few More Common Causes Of Water Shortage In Kenya

Overusing Water

Overusing water has become quite common nowadays, with people using more water than they need. In Kenya, a large amount of water is used by animals, people and irrigation.

Water Pollution

Water pollution is a major concern and is considered one of the major causes of water scarcity. Water can also become polluted due to various pollutants like carcasses, chemicals, faucal matter and oil. It is the responsibility of the people in Kenya to prevent water from becoming polluted.

2 Ways You Can Deal With Water Scarcity In Kenya

Install Water Tanks

One of the easiest ways to overcome water scarcity is installing water tanks in Kenya. They are available in various water capacities, so you can choose one according to your water storage needs. Tanks manufactured with food-grade polyethylene using the latest technology offer high durability. Most of the Loft Tanks come with a 10 Year Limited warranty.


The primary benefit of water recycling is to protect water resources by reducing pollution discharges. Unless people in Kenta adopt the water recycling process, dealing with water scarcity might become a challenge. They can practice water harvesting or other techniques.

Since you are aware of the common causes of water scarcity in Kenya, it’s time you get in touch with the experts at Jumbo Quality Products Limited and install a water tank on your property.

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