Know More About Plastic Water Tanks Before Installing One

Plastic tanks are large liquid storage units installed below or above the ground. They can be horizontal or vertical and are specially designed to hold gallons of water. Choose the right water tank supplier and you can rest assured that the product won’t weather or deteriorate over time. They are widely used by homeowners and business owners to store water which they can use for various purposes in the future. Generally, plastic tanks last for 15 to 20 years. Few factors which impact the lifespan of tanks are the method of installation, the liquid stored in it, type of pipe fittings and venting. 

The Manufacturing Process

Though plastic tanks are made with various materials, polypropylene and polyethylene are more common. Plastic tanks are also made with blow, injection or rotational molding processes like other plastic products. The last process is widely used in Kenya. Tanks are manufactured by combining high temperature and low pressure with a mould. The polymer material is rotated at multiple axes in the mould to distribute it evenly. Most plastic tanks moulds are huge steel shells at the dimensions of the final tank.

Common Types Of Plastic Tanks

Once you start looking for the Best water tank in Kenya, you will come across various types of plastic tanks and designs. Instead of choosing any random product available in the market, choose a design according to the use of the tank. While some can adapt to all conditions, others are manufactured for specific uses. Nowadays, various types of polymers are used to produce plastic water tanks. The method or material used to make tanks to store liquids is different from those manufactured to store solids or grains.


Most plastic water tanks are vertically placed, making them suitable for various purposes, easier to access, and more flexible. They are ideal for above ground applications as their walls are quite thick. You can also place them in an underground chamber made of brick or concrete.

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Horizontal water tanks are generally used to transport applications as mobile storage devices. You can permanently load or place them on a trailer or truck’s back. Horizontal tanks are specially designed to make them easily accessible.

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