Choosing A Water Tank For Your Home Is Now Easy

Since the water crisis is a very common issue in Kenya, you can never neglect the importance of quality water tanks. Install one in your home and you will have a backup water source during a water crisis. You don’t even have to undertake the hassles of filling up buckets of water if the water cut lasts for a few days. It generally happens if the main water source becomes contaminated. Most water tank suppliers offer a wide variety of tanks in different shapes and sizes so you can choose one according to your water storage needs. Choosing the right tank will become easier if you consider a few vital points.

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Few Points To Consider Before Buying A Water Tank For Your Home


Two vital things you should consider before determining the size of the tank you should install are the number of people in your house and the amount of water one uses daily. According to WHO, an individual needs around 30 litres of water daily to maintain basic hygiene. You will need 20 litres more for home cleaning, dishes and laundry. If there are four members in your family, you will need atleast 500 litres of water daily.


Two common materials used to make water tanks are stainless steel and plastic. The demand for the latter is more as they are more durable and affordable. Plastic tanks are also known as poly tanks and PE (polyethylene) tanks. They are leak-proof, light in weight, and rust-resistant, making them suitable for storing drinking water. If you want to make the most of the plastic tank installed in your home, start looking for a reputable supplier of quality water tanks in Kenya.

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It is not only about the type of water tank you are buying but you should also consider the installation process. If you are planning to install it above the ground, make sure that the foundation is level, firm, stable and wider than the diameter of the tank. The ground should also be strong enough to support the tank’s weight.

Consider the points stated above when installing a tank in your home and get in touch with the experts at Jumbo Quality Products Limited.

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