Installed a Water Tank In Your Home? Some Easy Maintenance Tips

Installing a water tank in your home is a complicated task. You may have to install one below the ground to receive and store water from the main supply and an overhead tank in the roof to supply water throughout your house. You may need a motorized pump to send water from the lower tank to the one installed on the roof.

The entire set-up is quite challenging, so make sure you choose an experienced supplier like Jumbo Quality Products Limited.

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Few Water Tank Maintenance Tips

Inspect The Tank At Fixed Intervals

You can expect a water tank to last for decades if it is of high quality and properly maintained. Hire someone to inspect its conditions after every three months, and they will let you know whether they need cleaning. If they notices any potential leakage, they will ask you to repair  or replace the tank. Neglecting the leaks can lead to more complicated problems. Water in the tank can also become contaminated if a layer of substance floats on its surface.

Disinfect The Tank

To keep the tank in top condition, clean and disinfect it once or twice every year. How frequently it needs cleaning depends on its size. Get in touch with a company offering the best water tanks in Kenya, and they will let you know how frequently you should clean them.

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Repair Or Replace

Whether you can repair the faults in your tank or have to replace them completely depends on how complicated the issue is. The person inspecting the tank will check its structural integrity to ensure there is no damage, leaks or cracks. If you wake up one morning and find that the water level has gone down drastically, it indicates a leak somewhere.

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