Consider These Factors Before Replacing Underground Water Storage Tanks

Purchasing water tanks in Kenya serves different water storage purposes. This natural resource is used for drinking, washing, gardening, cleaning and more. Also it is widely utilised in Kenya’s industrial segments, you can install underground storage tanks to fulfil emergency requirements. They come in different shapes and sizes. You should choose the right material to reap the benefits appropriately.

With continued use, all water storage tanks start to wear and tear. Especially for underground storage tanks, proper maintenance and care are necessary. If the tank that you bought is reaching its retirement age, it is time to replace it. At Jumbo Tanks, there are different options to upgrade your tank as per your requirements. Their high quality black underground water storage tanks are in popular demand to overcome the water storage crisis.

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Important Considerations For Underground Storage Tanks

1. Construction, Material and Shape  

The modern design of Underground Storage Tanks is suitable for storing water, be it at the home, office or industry. Those made from food-grade polyethylene are manufactured after implementing the latest technology. Traditionally, steel tanks were a favored choice for water storage. Severe weather changes lead to breaches and ground saturation, which in turn polluted the water. On the other hand, those made from high-quality polyethylene or fibreglass provide massive advantages to the users. They can effectively resist corrosion and functions for a long time. Being highly durable, a good quality polyethylene tank from a trusted company is a long term investment. Moreover, they are available in wide varieties, are lightweight and easy to maintain. From round to streamlined shape, you can buy any according to your needs.

2. Water Management

The water storage tanks made of any material always remain at the risk of underground intrusion. Hence strong management is necessary to keep the water safe and drinkable. Some tanks become a breeding ground for microbial and weed growth while the problem of corrosion remains constant. Hence phase separation is essential to protect the water underground from harmful contaminants.

The reliable manufacturers address these crucial issues by making the tanks with watertight components and extra coatings. They are extremely hygienic for storage purpose. The polyethylene tanks are non-toxic, resistant to water and are non-absorbent. This way, it eliminates the growth and habitation of waterborne algae growth.

Ensure that the tanks have double layers for strength and durability. The equipment manufacturers make every attempt to eliminate potential risks and hazards. The new embedded systems also neutralize corrosive elements to ensure efficient and effective storage of the water. You can explain your concerns to the trusted supplier, and they will guarantee to provide you with accurate preventive solutions.

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 3. Following manufacturing regulations 

The polyethylene material that the manufacturers use for making the storage tanks should be permitted and approved by the Kenya Bureau of Standards or KEBS. The manufacturing and designing of the underground storage tanks must be done by following all the regulatory compliances and industrial guidelines.

Nowadays, professional companies use rotational moulding technology, a versatile and flexible approach that enables unlimited possibilities for storage tank designing. While ensuring that the tanks function productively, check the prices to evaluate if they provide appropriate investment return.

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