What Makes BlackThe Right Colour For Your Water Tank In Kenya

Choosing the right water tank for your property is more than just choosing its material and size. You also have to choose the right colour for the tank. Visit a reputable supplier of quality water tanks in Kenya and you can choose from products in a wide variety of colours (though black is the most common).

You have to selectone that will match your tasteand fulfil your water storage needs. Not every homeowner is aware that the colour of the tank also impacts the temperature of the liquid in it. Instead of choosing a random colour, know the benefits offered by each colour and you can make an informed decision.

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Why Is The Colour Of The Tank Important?

The pigment used to colour the tank will impact the water temperature and algae contamination. There is a lot of science behind every colour and the supplier can help you choose the one you can put to good use. You can incorporate the science of colour in the field of water storage as well.

Know The Different Colours Available

Choosing the right colour for your water tank will become easier if you consider the various options available. Tank manufacturers either use a single pigment to colour the tank or prepare a colour by mixing different pigments. Two primary sources of colours are lab-created and mined minerals chemicals. The production methods are different.

Buying Polyethylene Water Tanks? Know How Colour Is Added

An extruder is used to process polyethylene, pigments and additives. A masterbatch or encapsulated colour is created, which is later added to a carrier resin. A coloured compound is created in the extruder by mixing the masterbatch with natural coloured polyethylene. A coloured polyethylene powder is created by processing the compound through a mill. The powder is later used in themoulding process.

Choose The Right Colour

Just choosing a colour for the water tank isn’t sufficient; you should also ensure that the tank manufacturer uses quality paint. The colour they are adding to polyethylene should be durable. Itshould not degrade or fade when exposed to extreme heat during the moulding process.


Few Things To Look For When Buying A Black Coloured Water Tank
  • The tank should be capable of retaining colour even when put under high moulding temperature.
  • Its exterior should be fade-resistant so you can install the tank either underground or above the ground.
  • The pigment should not contain heavy metal which can compromise the quality of the water in the tank.
  • A change in the temperature or undesirable climatic conditions should not impact the water tank’s lifetime.
Why Buy Black Tanks From Jumbo Quality Products Limited?

Everyone approaching Jumbo Quality Products Limited can choose from a wide variety of black tanks. Water tank colour does affect the water temperature as the pigment used can absorb light from the sun before converting it into heat. Black reduces the entry of the sunlight into the water by absorbing most of the sunlight. This helps in reducing the growth of algae up to a large extent. You can choose from cylindrical tanks (250ltrs to 12,000ltrs), loft tanks (250ltrs to 1000ltrs), septic tanks and underground tanks.


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