What Are the Causes for Above Ground Storage Tank Leaks?

Buying durable, double-layered storage tanks ensures that your storage tanks do not  encounter any leaking or spilling problems. Buy from a reputable company and be assured of a high-quality tank.

Above ground storage tanks are a common sight nowadays. Whether in commercial or domestic property, these tanks are used effectively for water storage as they are durable and can be used for many years . The installation of above-ground storage tanks is easier and less expensive. However, it is the responsibility of the owner to clean and maintain the same to avoid any leaks or sudden spills.

Continuous exposure to the scorching sun rays can damage the quality of the tank. Sudden leaks can turn out to be messy. Hence, please keep checking the above-ground storage tanks to ensure that they are in good working condition. Buy reliable storage tanks in Kenya from trusted sources to ensure durability.

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4 reasons behind leaks of storage tanks

Overfilling of tanks

Sometimes overfilling of tanks can cause the water to spill out through the lids. Thus, it would be best to keep in mind the time limit within which a storage tank gets filled up.

Lack of maintenance

Poor maintenance damages the outer layers of the storage tank, thereby causing the same to leak. Hence, appoint professionals to clean the inside of the storage tank. Weekly cleaning will ensure that the tank is well maintained. If any small leaks appear on the surface of the same, you can fix the leaks before bigger damage occurs.

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Damaged outlet valves

Sometimes the outer valves get damaged, and the water leaks out through the same. If your storage tanks are single-layered and not UV protected, then this problem is a common one. To avoid this, make sure that you buy a tough and good quality storage tank.

Corroded tanks

If you’ve been using the storage tank for months without cleaning the same, then there’s a possibility that the interiors of the storage tank get corroded. Continuous exposure to moisture is the major reason behind the same. Under such circumstances, leaks and spills are a common result.

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