Time To Buy Plastic Tanks For Rainwater Storage In Kenya

With water shortage becoming an acute problem, the demand for water storage tanks is gradually rising. The population is also continuously rising, which is making the issue more critical. Three common causes of water supply crunch are unclear laws, poor water management and industrial waste. There is also a lot of pollution in Kenya, which is making water unsafe for consumption. Climate change can exaggerate the problem even further as the water supply from glaciers and rainfall is diminishing. An easy way to cope up with the problem is by storing rainwater in plastic water tanks.

Tanks In Kenya

Benefits Of Storing Rainwater

Rainwater collection is a very old concept used by people all over the world. The reasons for storing rainwater depends on the system. If you can store rainwater in the right tank, you can use it to supplement or replace existing water supplies. Collecting rainwater reduces the amount of runoff entering our water supplies and mixing with designated storage containers. Capturing rainwater before it reaches the ground also lowers the chances of flooding in low lying areas and control erosion by runoff.

Two Common Techniques Of Rainwater Harvesting

  • Store and add to groundwater
  • Store on the surface for further use

Is Surface Storage Suitable For Storing Rainwater?

An efficient way of storing rainwater is plastic tanks. The free-standing tanks are available in various sizes so that you can choose one according to your water storage needs.  You can easily install these tanks on a concrete base or a compacted fill. You don’t even have to worry about Water tank prices in Kenya if you choose a reputable tank manufacturer and distributor like Jumbo Quality Products Limited. They offer customized products based on individual requirements using the latest technology at competitive prices.

Tanks In Kenya

What Makes Underground Plastic Tanks Ideal For Rainwater Storage?

Most homeowners in Kenya prefer using underground tanks for rainwater harvesting as they last longer, get the least exposure and are unaffected by cold weather. You don’t have to worry about algae and microbial growth. They are also more affordable than tanks used for surface water storage and are double layered to maximize durability. Jumbo Quality Products Limited offers a wide variety of underground tanks. Visit their website to choose a size and place of delivery according to your convenience.

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