Few Factors On Which The Durability Of Plastic Tanks Depend

Various types of water tanks are installed in domestic and commercial properties. Choosing the right tank will become easier if you consider a few vital points. Since installing a new tank in your home or office is time-consuming, make sure you choose a durable product, so you don’t have to replace them frequently. It will also help you save money, since buying a tank is a major investment.

Approaching a reputable plastic tank supplier is an easy way to ensure that the tank you are installing on your property can last for years with minimal maintenance. Most of the leading tank suppliers in Kenya make tanks with food-grade polyethylene using the latest technology. Not only will they help you choose a durable tank but also share a few tips to make them last longer.

Installing Tanks In Kenya? Few Factors On Which Their Durability Depends


Generally, water tanks are made of either metal or plastic. Plastic tanks are more popular as they are affordable and require less maintenance. They are made with UV stabilised polymer, are non-biodegradable and do not suffer UV deterioration. You can rest assured that the tanks won’t break down over time. You can recycle polymer tanks through a recycling company. Invest in quality water tanks and you can expect them to last for around 20 years.


The durability of a tank will be impacted by where you install it. You have to choose the location very carefully when installing metal tanks as they are quite prone to rust. If your home is located near the sea, install it in such a way that the tank does not come into contact with wind or saltwater. A better alternative is to choose plastic tanks. You can install them above or below the ground.

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The type of liquid you are storing in the tank will also impact its durability. You can expect the tank to last longer if the water in it is clean and pure. Salty water will put metal tanks at a higher risk of corrosion and damage the material. You should use a liner inside metal tanks when storing drinking water;alternatively, you could install plastic tanks.

Since you are now aware of the various factors on which the durability of plastic tanks depends, it’s time you get in touch with a leading tank supplier like Jumbo Quality Products Limited.

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