Buying Septic Tanks In Kenya? 4 Vital Points To Consider

Septic tanks are a medium through which watery waste can flow from your house for treatment. Generally, they are built underground using materials like fiberglass, plastic and concrete. They are a modern method of handling waste efficiently. Since septic tanks are an integral part of every domestic property, make sure you choose the right manufacturer. Jumbo Quality Products Limited has years of experience in manufacturing customized products based on individual requirements.

Septic Tanks Kenya

Points To Consider When Buying Septic Tanks

Type Of Tank

Visit a reputable septic tank manufacturer, and they will let you choose from a wide variety of products. They are made using different materials like fiberglass, concrete or plastic. Concrete tanks are strong and substantial, and you may need a crane machine to install them. Plastic tanks are as strong as concrete tanks, and you don’t have to worry about leakage.

Tank Installation

Though installing a septic tank looks quite easy, it is actually not so. Instead of trying a DIY, hire a professional for the task. They should have a certification from a reputable company and take the necessary permit from the government . You can rest assured that the wastewater won’t pose any danger to the environment if the installer has experience in that area.

Underground Tanks Kenya

Ventilations are an integral part of every septic tank system. Poor ventilation can lead to bad odour and air pollution. There should be a vent near the site or on the tank. The system is specially designed with an aerator which allows air to flow in. Oxygen present in the air helps in the decomposition of the contaminants.


Just installing a septic tank isn’t sufficient. You should also look after its maintenance. Don’t overlay the tank’s lids with soil as you have to check it at fixed intervals to ensure that it is running smoothly. Avoid using bleach agents and disinfectants to clean latrines.

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