4 Easy yet Effective Tips to Clean and Maintain Plaster Water Tanks

Buying and installing a plastic tank is a matter of considerable investment. So, it’s always important to follow a proper cleaning and maintenance routine to ensure that it remains in its best condition for a longer time. This will also help you to eliminate the chances of damage due to wear and tear over time. Here in this web blog, we will help you get to know about the key maintenance tips before purchasing high-quality tanks in Kenya.

How to clean and maintain your plastic water storage tanks

Here are some of the most helpful tips you must include in your water storage tank maintenance program.

Conduct foundation checks on a weekly basis

Plastic water tanks are always manufactured to withstand extreme environmental situations such as massive temperature fluctuations, rainfall, strong winds, etc. And this is why you should always be careful in identifying the signs of corrosion, degradation, or small cracks at the earliest. Spotting these issues early and taking the necessary measures will allow you to prevent any kind of expensive damage.

Prevent algae growth

Next, you should always eliminate the chances of algae growth. And this is why experts always recommend opaque water storage tanks, as algae require sufficient light to grow. An effective remedy to prevent algae growth is to use ¼ teaspoon of bleach for each gallon of water.

Check the coating

The water tank must have a good quality coating which will help you keep the maintenance costs in check. The coating basically acts as a strong defence against corrosion, and top-quality coating will help you in eliminating the chances of metal loss. Hence, you can cut down the costs of welding repairs.

Stay updated on the evolving technologies

The components of water tanks are getting improved over time. And by consulting the top water tank manufacturers, you can always stay updated about the key recent improvements and evaluate how they can benefit you.

The final thoughts

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