Why are Underground Water Storage Tanks More Expensive than Above Ground?

Water tanks are a popular solution to help you save on your water bill. However, with several available options, finding the right one to serve your purpose can be tricky. Underground water tank prices in Kenya are higher than above ground, but they have certain specifications that make them worth investing in. Here is a brief guide to help you understand both types of water storage tanks.

Should You Buy an Underground Water Storage Tank or Above Ground?

What is a water storage tank?

A water storage tank is a container mainly used for rainwater harvesting. It is connected to a gutter system. Rainwater harvesting is a popular practice for homeowners living in drought-prone regions or who want to save their water expenses. You can use the collected water for washing cars, gardening and other outdoor purposes. You can also consider installing a water filtration system to your water tank for use inside your home.

Underground Tanks Kenya

What are the key reasons that make underground water tanks expensive?


Installing an underground water tank requires much planning and is a more complex process than installing above-ground water tanks. An appropriate-sized hole will be dug out and filled in after the tank is in place. Furthermore, you also need to attach underground plumbing to the tank to allow rainwater collection. Installation costs depend upon your tank size and other factors like tank location and ground composition, making the process more difficult.


Maintaining an underground water tank isn’t as easy as above-ground. As the tank is located underground, you don’t have to be concerned about any type of weather condition affecting the tank’s exterior or water- temperature. The underground tanks are less exposed to the elements than above-ground tanks, so they need cleaning less often. You must clean them once every five years. But check if there is growth of algae or any contamination with water; then you must clean them immediately.

To clean underground water tanks, you can follow the same process as you would follow for above-ground.

Note: While draining an underground tank, you may need to bypass the septic system when draining the chlorine solution.

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Benefits of Underground water tanks

● Underground tanks look more aesthetically appealing than above-ground tanks as they are invisible from the outside. It keeps homeowners away from the stress of incorporating a storage tank into the design of their outdoors.
● This type of tank maintains a consistent temperature all year round, which is not the same for the above-ground tanks as they insulate it from cold and hot temperatures.
● Underground tanks save space in your lawn or garden, which makes it a preferable option, especially for those with small or limited outdoor space.

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