Above Ground Vs. Underground Tanks – Which is a More Feasible Option?

You will get two feasible options if you consider adding a water tank. You can either add an above-ground tank or opt for an underground tank. There are a set of benefits for both types. The best part about underground tanks is that no one would be able to see them. However, unlike the underground tanks, the above-ground ones are less expensive. You can easily camouflage the same if you don’t like how it looks. While both types have pros and cons, it’s up to you which type of tank you want to choose. You will get a range of underground tanks in Kenya of varied designs and prices.

Before you decide on the best choice for your property, here are a few points that can help you decide.

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Difference between both types of tanks

Requires less space

If you need more space, underground tanks are the best option. They are a great choice for small spaces. Moreover, they will maintain the aesthetics of the location. You can keep it hidden underground. With a few pipes here and there visible on the top, the rest of the part of the tank remains buried under the ground.

On the contrary, you need a lot of roof space for the above-ground tanks. You might also have to camouflage the tank to blend it with the property aesthetics. In simple words, above-ground tanks require extra investment.

Easy to maintain

Since the above-ground tank is present above the ground and you can see it, maintaining the same is easy. You can easily spot and fix cracks or any other damage that might have cropped up. However, this is different from an underground tank. Although you don’t need to bear an ongoing expense for the same, you will have to incur high expenses when the same gets damaged.

Temperature fluctuations

Above-ground tanks might get frozen during winter. This problem will never occur with an underground tank. Moreover, in terms of size, the above-ground tanks are smaller than the underground tanks. These tanks are mostly used for emergency sources of water. If you want a continuous, uninterrupted water source, ensure you get an underground tank installed.

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Security of tanks

For underground tanks, the chances of vandalism are very low. On the other hand, if you install above-ground tanks, they are more susceptible to theft and vandalism. With underground tanks, you can be sure of their security. Such risks are generally not applicable to underground tanks.

Tank floating issues

You might face a steady problem with the floating issues in the case of an underground tank. However, the situation does not apply to the above-ground tanks. However, you can avoid this problem by installing the tank on a concrete slab. This will minimise the floating risk.

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