What are the four main different types of water tanks?

There are plenty of Storage tanks in Kenya that vary in types and shapes on the market today, from modest homes to huge commercial applications.
When looking for your forthcoming water storage option, you might run into certain common tank kinds. We’ll talk about them in detail.

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Here are the 4 main commonly found Water tanks

Plastic water tanks above ground

Depending on your needs for space, these lightweight containers can be either circular or rectangular.
Because of its modular construction, which makes it simple to join them together and also provides for easy access in the case when a repair is later required, above-ground models have rapid installation periods.
Additionally, compared to many other options available, they are frequently offered at very affordable costs, making them the perfect choice for customers on a tight budget who still want high-quality products without spending too much money.

Concrete water tanks are buried underneath

Underground concrete tanks may be the perfect solution for people seeking something more long-lasting.
These are ideal if you have a tiny spot but yet need a lot of water storage capacity because they don’t require any additional floor space, unlike above-ground variants.
The fact that these structures are submerged beneath layers of soil ensures that they are naturally insulated from extreme temperatures, which means that less energy is needed during the colder seasons when warming would otherwise be essential to sustain optimal conditions inside the reservoir itself. This is great news for the environment and the economy.

Water tanks with bolted steel panels

Due to their sturdy design and long-lasting sturdiness, Steel Bolted Panel Water Tanks offer a great option for many applications.
These tanks are made of several steel panels and are joined together by welding or bolting to form a sizable container with the required capacity.
This implies that they may be quickly built on-site and require little upkeep over time.
Steel panel water tanks also have good strength characteristics, which make them ideal for applications where big capacities are required without compromising structural stability.

Modular Bladder Storage Containers

An outstanding answer to the demand for water storage is flexible bladder containers.
These tanks provide a range of tasks that call for the storage of liquids with adaptable, portable, and simple-to-carry options.
Any type of liquid can be held inside the bladder because it is made of flexible fabric materials like polyurethane or PVC.
Since they can maintain quality requirements while moving huge volumes quickly or temporarily, they are perfect for these applications.

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