Thumb Rules for Cleaning and Maintenance of Loft Tanks in Kenya

If you want a smooth water supply in a property, it is better to select a water tank. It is a container that can contain a larger amount of water and ensure a time-to-time supply. An overhead or loft tank is the best option for water supply in both residential and commercial properties.

Loft Tank Needs Frequent Maintenance:

The loft tanks are usually made of high-quality PVC or other chemical compounds. It has the perfect design suitable for storing water that serves your purpose. Though these tanks are free from natural decay like rust and corrosion, you should not be casual in cleaning and maintenance.

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How to Keep Your Loft Tank Absolutely Clean?

There are several ways you can take care of loft tanks in Kenya. These steps will be effective in preventing damage to the water containers. We discuss them in detail below.

Scrub the Tank

From time to time, you should inspect the condition of the interiors of your overhead tank. If you suspect algae growth, you should take steps to clean the interiors. The best way to perform the cleaning task is to scrub the interiors of the tank. Use an abrasive tool or brush to scrub off the deposits inside the tank.

Disinfect the Tanks or Pipes

You should be proactive in taking this step if you get a diluted water supply on the property. Ensure to use a safe cleaning agent to disinfect the components of the water supply. Apart from treating the tank, you should also be careful in cleaning the pipeline responsible for the water supply in the property.

Clean the Tank Frequently

Cleaning the loft tank is a routine approach. Ensure to follow that religiously to ensure the supply of clean water. It is necessary to clean the tank at least twice every six months. However, an annual inspection and cleaning can do the trick.

Dry and Refill the Tank

It is a useful process that helps to eliminate the microbes and the deposits inside your water tank. This requires your tank to be empty. Take time to inspect for dirt and deposits and perform a proper cleaning. Once you are done, you can refill the tank and use it again.

With these maintenance tasks, you would be able to get a clean water supply on your property. You should visit a trusted source to buy top-quality loft tanks in Kenya. Communicate with Jumbo Quality Products Ltd, a leading water tank manufacturer. For more information, you can visit our website.