Popular Types of Above-the-Ground Storage Tanks You Should Know About

If you own a big commercial unit like a factory, you may know the importance of a storage tank. It is an important belonging that helps you store different liquids, including water. These tanks are made of top-quality, durable materials to serve industrial needs.

Types of Storage Tanks:

Industrial storage tanks are broadly divided into two types: Underground and Above the Ground. The tanks installed above the ground are very popular as they are utilised by a number of industries. Every individual tank has its share of benefits, for which they find wide usage.

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4 Common Above-the-Ground Storage Tanks:

If you are wondering what the most popular above-the-ground storage tanks in Kenya are, you are in the right place. We discuss the different types of such tanks below.

Stainless Steel Tanks

These are one of the versatile storage tank options that you can find in many industrial units. The raw material of this tank is steel, which is much stronger than iron and corrosion-resistant. From water to milk, fertilisers to chemicals, you can store a number of compounds in these tanks. With regular maintenance, steel tanks can run smoothly for nearly 50 years.

Fibreglass Tanks

Above Ground Fibreglass tanks are a bit costlier, but it is highly useful. They have a number of benefits, like corrosion and rust resistance, strong foundation and increased strength and durability. This tank is the best option if you are looking for a tank to store more than 1000 gallons of liquid material.

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Vertical Polyethylene Tanks

As the name suggests, it is a large cylindrical tank made of plastic. Several industries commonly use it to store large amounts of water. The tanks can be highly beneficial for rainwater treatment or sewage treatment plants. These are comparatively much more cost-efficient than steel and fibreglass water tanks.

Bolted Steel Tanks

These tanks are made of steel and are highly secured to prevent leakage of any kind of liquid. It comprises multiple steel panels, which are bolted together by different gaskets. However, if you want to shift the tank from one location to another, you might need the help of heavy machinery.

These are the primary above-the-ground storage tanks that you may notice. If you want such storage tanks in Kenya, contact a trusted source like Jumbo Quality Products Limited. We can provide you with different types of above-the-ground and underground storage tanks. Visit our website to learn more about us.