Know the Misconceptions about water tanks in Kenya

Numerous sectors need to store water because access to running water is limited. Water storage is essential since it is necessary for human survival. The stored water should be kept out of viruses, bacteria, and other contaminants.

Common Myths about Water Tanks

Myth #1: Water can be kept in any plastic container

Only premium water storage tanks can securely keep potable water for an extended period. Plastic readily absorbs flavours and odours, and if water is stored improperly, it can soon acquire an unpleasant chemical taste that renders it dangerous to consume.

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Myth #2: Water Can Go Bad

It’s simple to assume that water looks dirty when it’s still because it starts decomposing. However, this contamination does not equate to “poor” water. Rotating and purifying water are two easy ways to ensure this doesn’t happen. Water may be kept indefinitely without contamination with a high-quality water storage system.

Myth #3: Plastic containers may be stacked on one another

When some are engineered to be stacked, most are designed to store water properly while standing. Consider using a stacking method that can support the weight of your water storage containers while allowing you to stack them.

Myth #4: A water purifier equates to a lack of water filtration

You may believe that having a water filter is sufficient to ensure your drinking water is 100% safe. Water purifiers do not, however, remove any sediment or dirt from the water. Other elements, including chemicals, won’t cause problems thanks to water filters.

A water purifier effectively kills microorganisms up to 99.9% of the time, but using one with a filter will ensure that your water is pure and can be stored for a long time.

Myth #5: Any plastic bottle is secure

High-quality materials that ensure the water’s potability are used to construct water storage tanks. These tanks must be UV-resistant and prevent the water from absorbing any flavours or odours.

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