Factors That Affect the Prices of Tanks for Sale in Kenya

You’ll come across various water tanks in the market of varied shapes and sizes. However, the prices of the tanks depend on different factors. You’ll see different prices when you look through the tanks for sale in Kenya. What are the determining factors? To know the same, read on.

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What factors determine the sale value of tanks in Kenya?

Quality of tank’s material

The quality of the tank is the major factor that influences the price. Most of the plastic tanks look the same from the outside. However, there are differences in features like thickness, designs and inner coatings depending on which the price of the plastic tank varies from each other.

Layers present in the tank

The number of layers determines the thickness of the tank. If you buy a 2-layered tank, the price will be less than a 6-layered tank. The tank’s thickness or layers helps keep the water inside at room temperature. The number of layers determines the tank’s stability, durability and rigidity.

Demand and supply of tanks

When the demand for tanks in the water facility centres is high, the prices of the tanks go up. Again when the demand is low, the prices of plastic tanks in Kenya go down. Thus the market demand and supply rate determine the prices of tanks.

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Shape and capacity of the tank

How much capacity does your tank have? If you have huge water requirements, you need a bigger tank. Moreover, most tanks are cylindrical. However, nowadays, customised shapes are also being manufactured to suit the aesthetic needs of the clients. The final price of the tank depends on both the capacity and the shape of the same. If the capacity is high and the shape has to be customised, then the time price will be higher than a normal tank.

While there are some other factors as well, these factors play a major role in determining the sale price of the tank. Buy from a renowned manufacturer so that you get the best tanks in Kenya. Check out the best water tanks at Jumbo Quality Products Ltd.