Debunk These 4 Myths And Install Septic Tanks in Kenya

Millions of households in Kenya have a septic tank installed in their home. It is more reliable and sanitary than the public sewage system. However, before installing a septic tank, people often get second thoughts about the same. What is a septic tank? Is it costly? Is it worth the money?

People have wrong ideas and several myths about septic tank use, maintenance and cost. So, you must understand the basics first. Get your mind cleared so that you can avail the advantages of installing a septic tank in Kenya.

Read on to learn more about the common myths you should debunk immediately. This way, you would know whether or not you should install a septic tank in the house.

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What are the myths related to the installation of septic tanks?

Myth1: Septic tanks can clean themselves

Definitely not. Once you’ve installed a septic tank, you must maintain it properly. The sludge that has been building up in the tank needs to be taken out and cleared so that you don’t get a foul smell out of the tank. If not regular, frequent pumping is necessary to keep the tank clear.

Myth 2: You can put anything down the septic tank

Many people think a flush is a one-stop solution. You can flush anything and everything that you don’t like. However, that is definitely not the case. You should not throw something in the toilet which should not have been down there. This will damage the septic tank and weaken the entire sewage system. Especially avoid pouring drinks or eatables containing excess grease, as this damages the tank’s inner walls.

Myth 3: Maintenance is not an important factor

Although you’ll find users commenting that there’s no need for routine maintenance of septic tanks, however experts opine against the same. If you pump out the septic tank every other day, you can ensure the system is clear and good to go.

Myth 4: Pumping is an expensive process

The cost, in reality, depends on the size of the tank. Hence it is not always the case that a septic tank pumping will cost you more. Your charges will depend on the size of your tank. You can also contact online cleaning and maintenance services for the same. They will help you with a reduced rate.

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