Thinking of Installing a Cylinder Water Tank? Know the Pros and Cons

You might have encountered various water cylinder water tanks in both domestic and commercial properties. Its popularity shows that it has innumerable advantages. However, cylindrical water tanks have a few drawbacks as well. Are you planning to buy this type of water tank? You must know the pros as well as the cons of buying the same.

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What are the positive aspects of using cylindrical water tanks?

Easy to clean

Since these tanks are cylindrical, hence they are easy to clean. You can clean it by manually scrubbing the walls and floors or hiring professionals to do your job. They are time-consuming. However, it is a relatively easy job. Hence having a cylindrical tank is easy to maintain and easy to clean.

Economical option

Cylindrical tanks are more affordable and economical than horizontal or any other form of customised tank shapes. You can find suppliers offering cylindrical water tanks at very reasonable prices. That’s the reason these types of tanks are gaining immense popularity.

Durable option

In terms of durability, there’s no match for a cylindrical tank. Cylindrical shapes are more durable among different plastic water tanks than other variants. In this type of tank shape, no stress point is created; hence, they remain stable for a long time. Moreover, due to the shape of the tank, the stress is distributed throughout the tank’s surface. This makes the tank more durable in the long run.

Stable in nature

While judging the quality of different types of plastic water tanks, it is feasible that cylindrical tanks are more static compared to the other type of tank shapes. Due to its perimeter, cylindrical tanks can hold more gallons of water.

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What are the drawbacks of using cylindrical water tanks?

Compared to the benefits, cylindrical tank usage has a few drawbacks. It is generally problematic to transport a cylindrical tank from one location to the other, considering the tank’s huge weight, height and shape. Moreover, since tanks are commonly placed on the roof of the house hence make sure that you buy a weatherproofed cylindrical tank.

Another area that many customers need help with is that cylindrical tanks are large. Hence they need a lot of floor space for installation of the same. Without proper availability of floor space, proper installation is not possible.

Consider these problems when you try installing a cylindrical water tank in your house or commercial premises.

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